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About us

Established in 2007, Grace Medical is a New Zealand-based company dedicated to the medical and service industries. Guided by an unwavering commitment to provide high-quality care, the company has proudly served customers throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands for over a decade.The organization's mission revolves around offering a diverse selection of products and service providers, ensuring meticulous attention to details, and guaranteeing timely deliveries while addressing the ongoing needs of businesses around the clock. It's through the collective teamwork and unwavering professionalism of its employees that Grace Medical has not only achieved this over the past decade but also continues to strive for improvement with each passing day.


"To be the trusted cornerstone of healthcare and service excellence in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, setting the standard for innovation, quality, and customer-centric care. We envision a future where our commitment to excellence transforms lives, advances healthcare, and uplifts communities, making a lasting and positive impact on the well-being of all we serve."


"Our mission at Grace Medical is to provide a comprehensive range of exceptional products and services to the healthcare and service industries. With a relentless focus on quality, attention to detail, and 24/7 commitment, we aim to empower our customers in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands by delivering essential healthcare solutions that improve lives and enhance businesses.

We are dedicated to building strong, enduring partnerships and fostering a culture of teamwork and professionalism. Through our dedication to continuous improvement, we strive to meet the evolving needs of our clients and contribute to the betterment of healthcare and service standards in our region."

Technical Support

Our team of trained specialists offer support on Renal devices, consumables and disposables. Certified by global medical companies, Grace Medical represents our dedication to ensuring that clients have the technical knowledge, guidance, and assistance required to maximize the benefits of our healthcare solutions. It underscores our commitment to resolving technical challenges, providing education, and customizing our support to meet the unique technical needs of each client. Our technical support team plays a crucial role in our mission to deliver high-quality, safe, and efficient healthcare solutions.

Distribution - International & Domestic

Grace Medical signifies our commitment to delivering healthcare solutions to clients across the globe. It reflects our dedication to ensuring product accessibility, reliability, and timeliness while customizing our approaches to meet the unique needs of different regions. Our distribution network is a vital component of our mission to improve healthcare and enhance the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide.

Customer Support

Grace Medical is an essential pillar of our commitment to providing healthcare solutions with excellence and care. It reflects our dedication to being there for our clients, offering assistance, guidance, and solutions with professionalism, empathy, and a constant drive for improvement. Our customer support team is an integral part of our mission to prioritize our clients' well-being and satisfaction.
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